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Contemporary Romantic Suspense - 85,000 words - $ 2.99
Sometimes life can become unbearable. Burdened by a business failure and a family rift, Antonia Henderson leaves England to start over in America. No home, no friends, no work visa--only a need to stay hidden, and a yearning to belong. The isolated cottage she is able to buy in rural Virginia gives her the refuge she needs.

Orphaned at twelve, Kyle McShane lives in total seclusion, protecting the secrets of his past--secrets so bloody and terrible, the small community of Oakhill shields them with silence. Now a man of thirty-two, Kyle longs for human closeness.

Like two shadows overlapping, their lives become entwined, but dark rumors of what happened to Kyle's parents drive a wedge between them. When Antonia discovers she is carrying Kyle's child, she has no choice but to uncover the truth about his past.

Revised and expanded edition.  


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Contemporary Romantic Suspense - 85,000 words - $ 2.99

When a beautiful socialite walks in to report a murder, detective Scott Mallory knows she is hiding something. Betrayed by a rich and seductive woman once before, he'll not make the same mistake twice.

But despite his resolve to remain aloof, the force of attraction sends his footsteps to her door.

Savannah Blandin has secrets: A helpless younger sister hidden from the world. Past trauma that gives her nightmares. An unethical act she tries to forget.

As the past collides with the present and people start dying, Savannah has to accept that her own actions brought about the killing spree, and she has to make it stop.

To protect her, Scott must sacrifice his principles, but is it too high a price to pay when Savannah won't trust him enough to tell the truth?


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Contemporary Romantic Suspense - 85,000 words - $ 2.99
An ancient curse. A derelict mansion. Rumors of a hidden treasure.

When a lawyer contacts Alexandria Holt to reveal a family secret, she discovers she may one day inherit the crumbling Layton Manor.

Miles Kendrick, a visiting American academic, claims to be a relation. He convinces Alexandria that the Layton Prophecy threatens her life. Together they set out the break the ancient curse, and uncover a trail of past betrayals over a fortune in gold and diamonds.

Alexandria begins to suspect that instead of protecting her, Miles is planning to kill her so he can inherit Layton Manor.

She offers him her heart. Will he take her life?