Western Historical Romance

Category length - October 2014 - $ 2.99 

Arizona Territory 1881
A young outlaw once saved Victoria Sinclair from a gang of thugs. Five years later, she sees him beneath the hanging oak with a noose around his neck.

She can’t let him die. Not with the debt of gratitude she owes him. And the only way she can save him is by marrying him.

But she does not know that Declan Beaulieu became a cattle rustler for one purpose only—to avenge his parents, and the man responsible for their deaths is Victoria’s father.

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Western Historical Romance

Novella length - October 2014  

Published by Harlequin Historical Undone

Arizona Territory 1881
Rescue the girl, claim the reward, get out of town. It's the kind of mission that Carl Ritter has completed many times before. Except that Jade Armstrong is no meek captive. She's a strong-willed, half-Apache beauty. And instead of leaving town, Carl agrees to marry her.

Without a white husband, Jade will lose her land. The rugged bounty hunter offers a temporary marriage, just long enough to father the child she needs to secure her inheritance. But the fierce mutual desire unleashed on their wedding night kindles a fire neither expected, turning a business arrangement into a union forged in pleasure….



Western Historical Romance

Long novel - October 2014 - $ 3.99

After thirteen years in the East, Susanna Talbot stands to inherit the Arizona ranch she grew up on, but only provided she marries Connor McGregor, the young drifter who once forged a bond with her father. Susanna will do whatever it takes to claim her right to land - even seek a union with a man who believes she ruined his life. But first she must find him.

Connor McGregor rode into the desert without a backward glance thirteen years ago, believing Susanna had banished him from Circle Star. Now a man of twenty-eight, he has no interest in coming to her aid. Will he bury his bitterness, or leave Susanna on the mercy of the ruthless neighbor who covets the ranch and will stop at nothing - including rape and murder?

Claire Vanderfleet yearns for adventure. When she runs off to visit Susanna on her Arizona ranch, she discovers adventure is not handsome cowboys and desert sunsets. It is terror and pain and a ruined future.

Soldier, rancher, part Apache, Rafael De Santis has lost everything. When he rescues the beautiful Philadelphia socialite, he finds a new reason for living. But first he must let Claire follow her fate - a fate which includes a gamble between death and revenge.

Previously published by Resplendence Publishing.

Revised and expanded edition.

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Historical Romance set in the 1898 Klondike gold rush

Long novel - October 2013 - $ 3.99

Denied the opportunity to study medicine, New York heiress Cora Goodrich joins the 1898 Klondike gold rush. She forms an uneasy partnership with Johan Stenhart, an itinerant miner without a penny to his name.

Together they face the hardships of travel to Alaska and over the Chilkoot Pass to the Klondike. Attraction grows between them, but Cora’s wealth and Johan’s stubborn pride will keep them apart…unless he finds a fortune of his own in gold.

Note: This book is a clean romance without explicit love scenes. 

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Medieval Historical Romance - novella length

Published by Harlequin Historical Undone

January 2013

Scotland, 1540

Katrina McLeod fled an arranged marriage, decreed by King James of Scotland, to a man with a fearful reputation, only to find herself on trial for her life! Accused of witchcraft, her salvation lies in the hands of brooding nobleman Duncan Rothmore….

When Duncan saves Katrina from a grisly fate in exchange for warming his bed, he has no idea she is really an untouched, high-born lady. He knows only that she stirs something in his wounded heart and afflicted body that no other woman ever has. But if he wishes to make Katrina his bride, Duncan must betray his king.


Medieval Historical Romance - novella length

Published by Harlequin Historical  Undone

February 2013 

Scotland, 1541

The bastard son of a Spanish pirate, Stefan Navarro has had to fight hard for his revered position at court. Now he needs a wife and an estate to hold on to it. By the command of the King, Stefan must marry Lady Morag Stenholm—but first he has to remove her husband.

Morag feels nothing but relief after the death of her cruel laird. Her freedom is short-lived, for she is to be wed at once to the fearsome warrior known as The King's Arrow. Yet it is not fear that her bridegroom inspires within her on their wedding night...


Medieval Historical Romance - novella length

Published by Harlequin Historical Undone

September 2013

Scotland, 1541

Having lost his claim to his family estate, Olaf Stenholm has no choice but to accept the bride and lands chosen for him by King James. He knows Brenna Kilgarren will be reluctant, but he doesn't expect the fiery beauty to greet him at the point of her sword. Yet her passion only makes him more determined to take her to the marriage bed…

Brenna has sworn never to submit to any man, but from the moment she sees her latest suitor, her resolve begins to crumble. Perhaps here at last is a warrior who will fight by her side by day—and show her the true meaning of desire by night…


Western Historical Romance - novella length - $ 0.99

August 2011 

Eliza Hargreaves has a guilty secret. She isn’t what people believe her to be. When disaster strikes, she becomes an outcast in the desert town of Lone Gulch and is forced to seek employment at the Mockingbird Saloon.

The estranged son of a fine Mexican family, Joaquin Pereira has been drifting around the West, tormented by his failure to protect a childhood friend. After winning the cantina in Lone Gulch on the turn of a card, he gives up the life of a gambler and settles down.

Helping Eliza to overcome her fear of the unknown allows Joaquin to atone for his past—but it could ruin his future.

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