Second edition - February 2017
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Contemporary Romance - 52,000 words - $ 2.99 ebook

Grace Clements is unemployed, lonely and broke. When she agrees to marry Rory Sullivan before he ships out to Iraq, she expects nothing but a Las Vegas wedding, a key to his New York apartment, and a divorce two years later. Instead, she gets a three-day honeymoon and a heart full of dreams of what could be…if he loved her.

Ten years earlier, Rory Sullivan lost someone he loved. He gave up a life of wealth and privilege and joined the army. Hiding behind a wall of isolation, he avoids all emotional ties - until injury sends him home to recuperate. Home to Grace, whose quiet dignity and gentle concern break through his defenses.

As Rory fights his feelings, his gruff resistance drives Grace away. But even when he believes she has betrayed him, he can no longer forget her. Making peace with his past, Rory sets out to win back his wife.


Second Edition - March 2017
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Contemporary Romance - 82,000 words - $ 3.99 ebook

Workaholic banker sets up lovelife like a work project...

When Pacific Bank transfers Georgina Coleman from London to San Diego, she takes the opportunity to shed her dowdy image and acquire a social life. Unsure how to go about attracting a man, Georgina decides to employ tried and trusted methods to deal with the task.

She prepares a project plan in form of a flowchart with weekly milestones. Her goal is to seduce her downstairs neighbor in seven weeks. Georgina only knows Rick Matisse as the macho cop who provides security services in their apartment complex, but soon she discovers he is also a single parent, with a spunky daughter who likes to meddle.

An added complication arises in form of a money laundering investigation which requires Georgina to deal with a bunch of Colombian drug dealers. As the project progresses, things get personal and all three of them—Georgina, Rick and his daughter Angelina—have to figure out what they want and where they belong.

Second edition - April 2017
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Contemporary Romance - 50,000 words - $ 2.99 ebook

All women fantasize of making love to a stranger.
That's what Elena Rodriquez tells herself when a potential new client mistakes her for a call girl. She decides to play along. One night of clandestine passion. No one will ever know. And no one does. Until four months later, when her law practice flounders and her only hope is winning the business of Maxwell Glaser.
Max has struggled to forget the pretty brunette who gave him the best night of his life. Now that he's found her again, he wants more. Only, she turns him down. Max agrees to back off, but he didn't become a retail tycoon by playing nice. His fortune was built through single-minded determination.

And he intends to pursue Elena with the same ruthlessness

WOMAN TRAP - November 2012

Contemporary Romance - novella length $ 0.99

Available on Amazon Kindle including Kindle Unlimited  

Ever since he went to art school, Dean Hartley has found women too easy to get and life too smooth. As a result, his creativity as a painter has suffered. When he rescues Bridget Sheridan from a nasty accident, she turns out to be a challenge he can’t resist.

Bridget Sheridan plays to win. Ruled by a fierce ambition to succeed, she is determined to take over the family property company, and little things like love must not get in the way.

When Dean decides he wants Bridget, he has to figure out a way to get her attention… and then keep it.

COSMIC FORCES - October 2012

Contemporary Romance - novella length $ 0.99

Available on Amazon Kindle including Kindle Unlimited

Astronomer Drake Lundberg thinks women are like aliens – fascinating but difficult to communicate with. For years, he’s kept to himself, satisfied with his lonely life. When the beautiful African-American Calista Krell is appointed director of Krell observatory over Drake’s head, his whole world tilts on its axis. Within days, his initial resentment changes to desire.

Calista Krell has a mission: to save the observatory her family founded from closure. She plans to raise funds by producing a reality TV show. And Drake, with his rugged Viking looks, will be her tool for hooking the female audience.

A good idea. In theory. But only in theory. Because there are limits to how far a taciturn loner can be pushed, even by the woman he’s fallen in love with.


TRADING FAVORS - September 2012 

Contemporary Romance - novella length $ 0.99

Available on Amazon Kindle including Kindle Unlimited

Dumped by her husband. No job. No money. A house with a gaping hole in the roof. Life could hardly get worse for Madeleine Livingston who grew up rich and privileged.

On the day her divorce becomes final, Maddie goes nightclubbing with a friend. When she spots the sexy building contractor who took her money and left her with unfinished renovation, she confronts him--only to find out she’s been duped by her scheming ex.

The next morning, Rocco Mancini turns up at her house and rattles her composure even more. He’ll finish the work in a cut-price deal, provided she’ll cook him dinner every night. Maddie goes along until Rocco makes a startling proposition.

His blue-collar manners might not be up to her country-club standards, but if she lets him into her bed, he’ll prove that her ex-husband was crazy to claim she lacked sex appeal. Will the prim and proper Maddie rise to the challenge?



Contemporary Romance - November 2013.

Category length  (64,000 words) -  $ 2.99

To inherit the family business, Nick Constantine is required to marry a woman he’s never even met. Rather than saddle himself with an unwanted wife, he chooses walk away from a company worth millions…only to learn that the new head of Constantine Motors will be Crimson Mills, the woman he spurned.
Forced to give up ballet due to a dust allergy, Crimson Mills discovers that she has inherited a luxury car manufacturing company, provided she manages the business for six months without a decline in profits. A hopeless task, but the dying man who put her in his will made sure she has to try.
To achieve the impossible, Crimson needs help from Nick Constantine, the man who stars in all her daydreams, but who now dislikes the very idea of her. Will they secure the future of Constantine Motors, or will they kill each other first?

Resplendence Publishing - June 2012

Contemporary Romance - 37,000 words - $ 3.99 ebook
Conrad Ungaretti regards women as disposable. He enjoys each one for a short while and then moves on to the next. Once he's had enough, he plans to marry a traditional Italian virgin and settle down.

Ingrid Sunderland earns her living as a nightclub singer. The death of her parents has left her penniless, and she's had to put the dreams of an operatic career on hold to support her little sister, Karin.

When Karin is invited to spend the summer holidays with a school friend, Ingrid joins the Ungaretti family at their Long Island mansion, only to learn that Conrad, the girl's uncle, lives there too and is in need of a mistress.

Ingrid is determined to resist the rich man's arrogant pursuit. Conrad is used to getting what he wants. As the attraction between them flares out of control, each has to decide which ambitions are worth fighting for and which can be sacrificed. 

Resplendence Publishing - February 2012

Contemporary Romance - 37,000 words - $ 3.99 ebook 

Rachel James has everything she wants - a great job, lots of money, total independence - until trouble at work sends her hiding in the wilderness of Wyoming.

Alone in an isolated cabin, she is forced to turn to the neighboring rancher for help. Despite his gruff demeanor, attraction flares between them, and Rachel finds the love she didn't know she lacked.

Jed Ferguson lives alone. He works alone. He needs no one.

When a city girl worms her way into his heart, he panics and drives her away. Stubborn and proud, she leaves, taking with her his peace of mind.

Too late, Jed realizes what he's lost. Determined to win her back, he overcomes his bitter past and makes the ultimate compromise. But will it be enough to convince Rachel to return?

Resplendence Publishing - June 2011

Contemporary Romance - 29,000 words - $ 3.99 ebook

Who says crime doesn't pay? Caught in a dare to climb up a public building, Catherine Bridgewater is required to complete forty hours of community service in the office of Sheriff Brock Leonetti, the target of every marriage minded spinster in the county.

Widowed after ten years of unhappy marriage, Brock just wants women to leave him alone. He doesn't believe in sex outside marriage and as the last thing he wants is another wife, he is determined to do without female company.

Cat has spent the last four years caring for the sick and the dying. Now she yearns to live, to enjoy the kind of hedonistic pleasures she has read about in books. Brock clings to his principles. Cat seeks steamy sex. When the two are thrown together, the whole county takes an interest in the outcome.

Resplendence Publishing - March 2011

Contemporary Romance - 30,000 words - $ 3.99 ebook

Journalist Christina Miller is determined to scoop the first ever interview with Lucas Frost, a reclusive scientist who has invented a gadget worth millions. On the way to his isolated lakeside home, her car breaks down, forcing her to shelter the night in an ancient boat. In the morning, she finds hersel hijacked by a surly fisherman who refuses to take her ashore.

Christina strikes a daring bargain: if he takes her back, she'll sleep with him. No names, no personal details, just two strangers sharing pleasure in the night.

She has missed the chance of an exclusive interview with Lucas Frost, but at least she can make the press conference at his research lab. When she arrives, she finds her surly fisherman sitting behind a podium, facing a bank of microphones - Lucas Frost.

And he has no intention of letting her forget

Resplendence Publishing - December 2010

Contemporary Romance - 35,000 words - $ 3.99 ebook

When Lisa Merrick was twelve years old, her father went to prison for murdering her mother. Since then, she has tried to turn love to hate, ignoring her father's letters, suppressing every thought of forgiveness.

Upon his death, she heads out to the wilderness in Canada where he settled after his release from prison. She crashes her car and is rescued by Daniel Bergeron, a taciturn stranger who claims to be her father's business partner and the sole beneficiary in his will.

Snowed in together for a week in a primitive log cabin, Daniel succeeds in thawing Lisa's frozen emotions. She embraces her sudden love for him, but when he reveals his criminal past, Lisa has to deny her heart again, or finally learn to forgive.


Resplendence Publishing - June 2010

Contemporary Romance - 40,000 words - $ 4.99 ebook

Stephanie Forssell accepts a weekend on a yacht in Cannes, unaware that she is expected to sleep with any man on board. When a rugged Texan demands his rights, she chooses to jump in the sea rather than comply.

Grant Buchanan hates hookers. They remind him of his faithless mother. The slim blonde tempts him, and when learns his mistake, he can't get her out of his mind. He tracks Stephanie down and makes her an offer. She agrees to spend three months with him, on the conditon that they contract "Le PACS" - the French civil partnership intended for gay couples but now a fashionable alternative to marriage.

Grant is determined to prove Stephanie worthless. Stephanie believes she is sacrificing herself of a noble cause. Neither is prepared to make any concessions, but as the weeks go by, the battle of wills turns into a campaign for love.


Resplendence Publishing - Nov 2009

Contemporary Romance - 25,000 words - $ 4.25 ebook

One night stand with a sheriff lands a PR executive in trouble...

Arrested for soliciting during a wedding in rural Pennsylvania, Justine Whitmore spends a steamy night with the local sheriff who clears up the misunderstanding and releases her. She never expects to see him again, but when an interfering busybody makes a complaint, Justine agrees to pretend a whirlwind romance in order to protect her reputation and the sheriff's job.

Embittered by a divorce from a scheming city woman, Sheriff Mark Taylor has sworn to avoid her kind. No amount of cursing will change the fact that he fell for the wedding guest hauled into his office dressed in nothing but expensive underwear.

A country hick and a high maintenance PR executive - can they tolerate each other long enough to make it look real?

But sometimes people are not what you believe them to be….