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Historical novel trilogy from Harlequin Historical

The Fairfax Brides

Three sisters find rugged husbands in the Wild West. 

Beautiful heiresses Charlotte, Miranda and Annabel Fairfax have only ever known a life of luxury at Merlin's Leap, the family mansion by the ocean just north of Boston. Now orphaned and in danger, they are forced to flee, penniless and alone, into the lawless West. There they discover that people will risk all for gold and land—but when the sisters make three very different marriages to three enigmatic men, they will each find the most precious treasure of all.

Charlotte steals another woman's identity and becomes the mail-order bride to Thomas Greenwood, a big, powerful farmer who yearns for a family of his own. Charlotte regards the marriage as a temporary arrangement which will be terminated as soo as she can safely return home. However, Thomas does not take kindly to being swindled out of the hard-earned cash he has spent on his bride's passage to the Arizona Territory.

Miranda takes the wrong train and ends up in the Wyoming Territory. Caught traveling without a ticket and accused of theft, she has to settle her fine by agreeing to marry the winner of a hastily arranged bride lottery. Jamie Blackburn, a part Cheyenne bounty hunter, buys a ticket on impulse, thinking that a wife might be a cheaper option than paying for someone to look after his orphaned niece. But a wife is something you can't just toss aside when the job is over - at least not a wife like Miranda, who believes Jamie owes her and needs to repay his debt.

Annabel sets off on the journey to join her sisters dressed as a boy but her money is stolen before she reaches New York City. To survive, she learns the trade of a shoe shine boy and uses her skills to pay for her passage to Gold Crossing, Arizona Territory, where Charlotte is hiding. However, a chance encounter with Cousin Gareth - the bitter, brooding guardian of the sisters who covets their fortune - forces Annabel to jump from the train in the  middle of the New Mexico desert. Rescued by Clay Collier, a reticent young miner who grew up in an orphanage, Annabel embraces the life in a gold mining camp, eager to forge her independence and prove her worth.

Although gently bred, the sisters are far from helpless. Their father was a sea captain, Lord Fairfax, the heir to an ancient title and the owner of a shipping fleet, and their mother had modern ideas about the role of women in society. Brought up to think for themselves, not ushered into an early marriage, the sisters are equally comfortable with singing sea shanties to a group of rowdy men as they are with performing the arias of Mozart and Puccini in front of family and friends.

Charlotte, the eldest at twenty-four, hides a determined streak behind her gentle, whimsical manner. Although na├»ve and innocent, she is fiercely loyal to her sisters and aware of her responsibilities as the firstborn and the heiress to the family fortune.

Miranda, the middle sister at twenty-two, is bold and brave. She rides and shoots better than most men. However, sometimes her quick temper and her thirst of adventure can cloud her judgement. Bounty hunting sounds like an exiting occupation, and it takes an encounter with death to make Miranda accept it is not a suitable career choice for her.

Annabel, the youngest at eighteen has been cosseted by the older sisters who see her as emotionally volatile and sensitive. Perhaps she is a bit too softhearted for her own good, but she also possesses a sharp brain and excellent business instincts, and she longs for an opportunity to show her independence, to prove that she is no longer a schoolgirl but a capable adult.

Publication schedule:

HIS MAIL ORDER BRIDE - Charlotte's story - March 2017
THE BRIDE LOTTERY - Miranda's story - May 2017
FROM RUNAWAY TO PREGNANT BRIDE - Annabel's story - July 2017.


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